Norm Nunnally


County Executive

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Norm Nunnally

My Vision for Snohomish County

I believe that good government and a healthy demography relates back to the common roots outlined in Maslow's Theory of Hierarchy of Needs. Good government requires a strong family ethic. Within our Constitution the basic premise of freedom is based on the rights of the individual to his own destiny. Those are referred to as inalienable rights and include all of those elements called out in our Bills of Rights. When we erode those rights by parsing away from the original intents of that legislation we weaken and dissolve the value of each individual and his inalienable rights to the control of his own destiny.

I believe that the most important government begins at home with the family and that all government is local.

The current all powerful centralized government approach to government degrades the ability of the family to control their own destiny and home environment. The Centralized Government decides where you will live, what you will do, when you will do it, what your education will consist of, and how much you can individually prosper from your endeavors. These types of controls stifle the individual from their ability to not only control their own destiny but their abilities to formulate visions for a better more productive life.

In the times we live in, our abilities to meet those elements of the hierarchy of needs are often thwarted by external pressures and events that are beyond our control. Those needs are: Physiological; Safety; Love and Belonging; Esteem; Self Actualization. Under our centralized government programs our inalienable rights are being eroded by the parsing of intent of the laws thus creating a faltering economy that threatens all levels of the hierarchy of needs.

Hierarchy of needs

When the family is economically stressed by lack of income they are unable to meet the basic Physiological needs of shelter, food, and clothing. There is an immediate sense of loss of Safety as evidenced by a natural defensive aggression towards others often illustrated in distrust and suspicions. Those impacts on Physiological and Safety needs ultimately impact the individual's abilities to experience the emotional needs of Love and Belonging. Naturally they reach out in sometimes inappropriate manners to fill that void, leading to infidelity, physical abuse of partners, divorces and splintering of the family units. Those actions in turn become internalized by the separate individuals and create a sense of diminished self worth and loss of esteem. When that happens it is impossible for the individual or the family to achieve the state of Self Actualization – the greatest feelings of happiness and success.

My plan as County Executive is to find ways within our County to return the powers of Inalienable Rights to every individual, family, neighborhood, community, district and our County to a level of homeostasis that will enable everyone to flourish and achieve a degree of Self-Actualization.

Our families will Thrive and our businesses Flourish as we advance into the future with a renewed sense of self worth and accomplishment to meet new challenges sure to come.