Norm Nunnally


County Executive

Your Blue Collar Connection to Better Government

Norm Nunnally

Personal Qualifications

I am an American that resides in Snohomish County, I believe and support the Constitutions of the United States and Washington, and the Snohomish County Charter. I believe that the County Executive's responsibility is to utilize all powers at his disposal to protect the citizen's rights under those constitutions, and the County charter. Those rights that guarantee every individual citizen the freedoms of person, property, and prosperity in a safe and economically secure environment free from unwarranted intrusions by governments or criminals.

The Charter Review process is the right of the citizens to maintain local representative government concepts and allow timely modifications to that document in order to preserve all the rights guaranteed in it and its superior documents. It allows the citizens to keep abreast of local cultural and economic conditions to promote the safety and well-being of all citizens while providing for the continuance of the freedoms of person, property and prosperity, and I encourage and commend those citizens who have stepped forward to freely give of their time and talents to underwrite their fellow citizens future well-being through this process.

As a native of Washington State and registered in Snohomish County since 2000 and residing in the 2nd County Council District since 2002; I served over 39 years within the Combat Arms, Combat Support, Health Services Command and US Army Training and Doctrine Command, retiring in 2003 as a senior Master Sergeant with 17 years time in grade. I have served as: Public Safety Chair on the Douglas County Solid Waste Advisory Board; District Ethics and Compliance Officer with local district of a national insurance carrier; Snohomish County Mental Health Board during Bob Drewel's administration; Ray Stephenson's Everett 2025 Vision Committee; Member of the Supervisory Committee for my local credit union, and I serve on the Snohomish County Farm Bureau Board.

All of these positions have entailed the successful applications of all levels and degrees of leadership and management principles - From individual counseling of individuals afflicted with the trials of chronic mental illness through all levels of human resource management and education of peers, subordinates and occasionally superior officers appointed over me on all matters pertaining to life experiences. Business development counseling - from sales techniques, client/product suitability, best fiscal operations management processes, and corporate structuring with succession planning.

I have watched in amazement the consequences of flawed management and principles of governing that are resulting in a general lack of trust and confidence in our government.

Every citizen must live within their means – often times foregoing luxuries and at times even niceties in order to keep their heads above water. It is true that even a man of modest means living consistently within his means will undoubtedly increase his personal value and wealth in both health and welfare, when he doesn't, his credibility will plummet and in general all his expenses will increase faster than his income.

It is glowingly apparent that the persistent inabilities in management and leadership to work within a budget to meet the needs of our growing county will:

To borrow an adage from Col. Jake Jacobs: "If Not Me, Then Who?" I ask you, will provide the leadership and professionalism required to restore your confidence in County Government?

That is why I am asking for your support in taking and restructuring - control and operations of Snohomish County for all citizens of the county with my election as County Executive.