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Norm Nunnally

Mental Health and the Mentally Impaired

I believe Mental Health and the issue of the Mentally Impaired are correlated conditions within our society. Physiologically one is related to internal chemical imbalances and the other is more commonly associated with various external chemical interventions, often self inflicted and/or occasional unintentional exposure to harmful or deleterious agents.

In the past, society has found it easy and painless to warehouse and often overmedicate individuals with these afflictions. State and local economies have forced many of these individuals to become homeless and "invisible" in the eyes of the responsible. This has culminated in an ever increasingly public awareness of this "problem" in the appearance of increased quantities of street vagrants, homeless panhandling, pilferage, burglary, and various types of criminal activities. This set of "dominoes" has resulted in increased expenses within the Law Enforcement and Justice System.

As a County Executive I will strive to address this issue within the County and to work diligently with State and local agencies to provide adequate and effective methods of processes to ameliorate the societal affects of these conditions.