Norm Nunnally


County Executive

Your Blue Collar Connection to Better Government

Norm Nunnally

I Believe...

  • In our constitutional form of government and its division of powers as intended by the nation's founders, the competitive free enterprise system, and the protections of God-given inalienable rights of the individual.
  • The United States should be returned to a true republic (rule by law), with the federal Constitution as the supreme law. I believe in a strict, literal interpretation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • In freedom of press, speech, peaceful assembly, and religion. I have served my entire adult life, in support of and the preservation of these inalienable rights and the thwarting of socialistic tendencies whenever and however small in nature the tendency may appear.
  • That the economic law of supply and demand, private ownership management, and the profit and loss system ultimately determine true market prices.
  • Personal property rights, including water rights, are fundamental. By protecting property rights, we preserve our economic stability, the health and welfare of our citizens, the public good of this state, and the sovereignty of our nation. I oppose any erosion of these rights.
  • That the centralization of power and authority is a threat to our very existence, life, and liberties. I believe in local control in as many areas as possible.
  • That a monopoly wherever found (labor, industry, government, or agriculture) jeopardizes freedom and self-government.
  • That government should stimulate, not discourage, individual initiative.
  • In the vital role education plays in helping students understand and appreciate the basic principles of our system of government and the competitive enterprise system, thus preparing them for the years to come.
  • As individuals, we have the right and responsibility of speaking out without government intervention. We must, to safeguard and restore our inalienable rights, become actively engaged in public discourse at all levels of government through proactive participation in the public process.
  • I do not believe that agriculture should include any crops that are deemed illegal by the federal statute.
  • I believe that Laws are to be enacted by full participation of all branches of the government in the order that has been laid down over the ages of our Constitution, the courts do not have the power vested in their creation to create laws, only the power and responsibility to adjudicate them.