Norm Nunnally


County Executive

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Norm Nunnally

I am Norm Nunnally, a resident of Snohomish County and your candidate for Snohomish County Executive.

I believe and support the Constitutions of the United States and Washington, and the Snohomish County Charter. I believe that the County Executive’s responsibility is to utilize all powers at his disposal to protect the citizen’s rights under those constitutions, and the County charter. Those rights that guarantee every individual citizen the freedoms of person, property, and prosperity in a safe and economically secure environment free from unwarranted intrusions by governments or criminals.

Every citizen must live within their means and so should the County. When our county government breaches the public trust - either by disregarding prudent custodianship of the budget or by accepting faulty work product on an Environmental Impact Statement – it signals a failure in the leadership of the County.

Our County has just muddled through a series of administrations that destroyed, not only the public trust in the county but, any semblance of respect for the Office of the County Executive. Our current County Executive has proven even less capable of leadership and management with his “budget dust” approach to spending from the county coffers.

I believe this County has all the requisites to be a leading force in the economic recovery that our State and Nation is in dire need of. We must, in order to capitalize on our possession of those requisites, craft a mindset within our local governments that frees up the strangle holds that have been put in place by past and current policies of central control of society by government. Our Constitution places all power within the hands of the citizens and not a central government.

I concur with and believe that as General John C. Freemont, the first presidential candidate for the Republican Party, believed - “Free soil, free labor, free speech, free men”.